8 zero waste family-friendly gift ideas

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8 zero waste family-friendly gift ideas

Zero waste gifting is neither difficult nor expensive and it’ll leave you with a good feeling as you’ll be going with the easy, responsible and economical option for the holidays; all you need are a few ideas and a little planning. Here are a some of my family-friendly gift ideas:

*** Warning: if you are part of my posse, by reading this, you’ll be finding out what I am gifting you for the holidays.


  1. Framed Children’s Drawings

This idea is crazy good. I mean I was intimidated by my own genius on this one. I was eying the myriad drawings and “artwork” my son had made that we had accumulated and was wondering what we would do with all of it (I really wanted to “take care” of the issue once and for all, instead of putting all of it away and having to leaf through it later). Then it dawned on me, why not give most of it away. My husband’s family being Peruvian (some living in Australia even), it makes a whole lotta sense to send drawings as a gift (and it’s cheap to send by mail). For those gifted here in Canada, I decided to frame them in second-hand frames. I mean it’s win-win-win: I get to clear out the “artwork”, family has a wonderfully personal gift and it’s cheap.

framed "artwork" gabiba.com blog 

A framed masterpiece. Not bad right?


  1. Experiences

Why not gift activities, meals and shows to your family? You can take your children, nephews, and nieces to an age-appropriate show, movie or concert. You can invite your parents for a day-trip, coffee in an independent coffee shop, a day at the spa or a homemade meal. Experiences are my favorite; there’s no gift more precious than your time and making memories together or even just keeping that tight-knit relationship alive is so much more important than gifting that item that will be forgotten within a few months.  

  1. Personalized Holiday Cards

We always send out family cards with our photo on them. You can also make homemade cards or purchase them at a charity shop; send a family update and include a photo while your at it. It’s lovely receiving a card through regular mail and catching up on what has happened in the last year. No need for fancy gifts, these will do the trick.

  1. Books

Books, old and new, are da bomb. If you know the person well, you could find a nice cookbook, self-help book, novel or even a funky magazine. Don’t hesitate to go into those second-hand bookstores as they can guide you to some awesome finds, and finding a book second-hand can be like a treasure hunt, making that gift that much more special.

  1. DIY Food Gifts

I’m such a big fan, my friends and family will confirm. Really… the options are limitless. Marmelade, homemade liqueur, mustard, pickles, cookies, syrups, etc. I love making homemade gifts but I am mompreneur which means I’m super busy; so the recipes I do make must be easy, scalable and be delicious. Some late night Pinterest research and simple scheduling mean that I am able to make blackberry/orange blossom marmalade (sounds fancy but it just means cooking fruit, adding orange blossom water and a little maple syrup) and pickles (just cucumber in vinegar with herbs) for my people.

If you do buy pre-made food items just make sure they come in packaging that is either reusable or recyclable.

DIY gifts gabiba.com blog

Homemade cranberry liqueur, essential oil perfume, pickles with roasted red peppers & blackberry/orange blossom marmelade.

  1. Other DIY Gifts

You can also make some useful gifts like fabric shopping bags, coffee exfoliant (used coffee grinds with avocado oil) and DIY mugs (I am useless when it comes to drawing yet I still painted the mug below = that means anyone can do it!!)

diy mug + coffee gabiba.com blog

DIY mug + coffee = awesomeness

  1. Gabiba Gift Card

For those of you looking to give a young family a useful gift but don’t know what to give, gabiba.com now offers gift cards to purchase second-hand children’s clothing. Electronic gift cards are easy to use, can be bought last minute and ensure that the family will get exactly what they need: easily and online.

  1. Useful Items

You can give body products (like shampoo bars), travel mugs, stainless steel water bottles, reusable straws, shopping bags, etc. And if you’re super ambitious and have the budget, why not give zero waste kits like the one below?

zero waste kit gabiba.com blog 

My zero waste kit: shopping bag, produce bag, travel mug, water bottle & bamboo sporks

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